Phoenix and The Fox

Phoenix and The Fox Classic Tee Shirt


Made from high-quality beautiful soft organic cotton. Tee's will last and keep their colour and shape after hard wearing and washing. Press studs at the neck for easy dressing on sizes 000 – 1.

  • Classic tee fit Chest - 000 25cm, 00 26.5cm, 0 28cm, 1y 29.5cm, 2y 31cm, 3y 32.5cm, 4y 34cm, 5y 35.5cm, 6y 37cm, 7y 38.5cm
  • Front Body Length – 000 28cm, 00 29.5cm, 0 30.5cm, 1y 33cm, 2y 35cm, 3y 37.5cm, 4y 39cm, 5y 41cm, 6y 43cm, 7y 45cm

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