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Amber Jack Diffuser

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The original Smoked Lavender. Smells intense, strong. Layered with florals and an earthy deep base. Addictive. Not how you'd expect lavender to be.

Brown Sugar & Fig, smells like baking. Musky-sweet. Strong. Brown Sugar & Fig has been one of the most loved ones since ages ago.

Flower Junkie, It's here to freshen up the group. A unique take on floral. Light scent of a flower garden with deep vanilla. It's addictive. 

Whiskey in a jar, Smells like whiskey with melted butter and cream. Strong. Relaxing. A top seller. 

Dark Vanilla, Not like most vanilla's. This one is unique. It smells like a perfect combination of vanilla, musk and sugarcane. 

White Sandalwood, Smells creamy and exotic. Spicy. Sweet. Relaxing. A little bit fancy.

Violet Tobacco, Smells sophisticated. Woody. Spicy. Just a little bit floral. Gentle and smooth, with lots of creamy. 

Crane Flower, Smells floral and fresh. Gentle. One of our cult fragrances. When you like this one, you like it ALOT. 

Frankincense Resin, Smells like an aftershave. Wood, spice and a hit of citrus. Lots of frankincense. Gentle. Lovely.

Amber Jack Diffuser
Amber Jack Diffuser Sale price$39.90