Silk & Steel

Silk & Steel Swallow Of Hope Silver/Aquamarine


Said to have magical powers that bring luck and protection to its wearer, a Talisman carries powerful symbols and gemstones that embody guiding and protective qualities. There are many ways to choose your Talisman. The symbols are connected to you, so stay open to what you are drawn to or that which you desire to attract into your life. Your Talisman was always meant for you!

The Silk & Steel Swallow of Hope Talisman features a Swallow, which represents loyalty, freedom and hope.

Historically, the swallow carried great symbolic value for the brave. Sailors would have a swallow tattooed on their body before setting out on a voyage and the second on their return home. Seeing swallows was a sign they were nearing the shore, leading to the symbols of hope and good luck. Aquamarine is an optimistic stone of hope and courage. It enables you to move forward, trusting each moment. We love jewellery with meaning! Beautifully handmade to perfection and designed as modern heirlooms to be passed down to future generations.

Comes in a signature Silk & Steel box and is gift-wrapped to perfection. Elegance with an edge!

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