Salt by Hendrix

Salt By Hendrix Gift Set Flowers In Your Hair Trio


The Flowers in Hair Gift Set features a trio of our favourites in mini, travel-ready sizes. These fragrant little treasures are not just for the hair but are full of moisturising benefits for the skin as well. Flowers in the hair can be sprayed over the body, from head to toe to help beat the heat, ease the tightness of dry skin or fore a refreshing pick me throughout the day. They contain ingredients to boost the moisture level of skin and hair such as certified organic water, certified aloe vera leaf juice and certified organic glycerin that will help to keep your hair and skin fragrant and moisturised from dusk till dawn or vice versa.

  • 1 x Flower in Hair, Rose, 9ml
  • 1 x Flower in Hair, Neroli, 9ml
  • 1 x Flower in Hair, Lavender, 9ml

SALT BY HENDRIX is a vegan and cruelty-free brand based in Sydney, Australia.

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