Porter Green

Porter Green Stemm Unbreakable Wine Glass Set


Our divine stemm unbreakable wine glasses are the new must-have you never knew you needed! Unique in the marketplace, not only is stemm foldable, it’s beautiful to drink from, dishwasher safe, light, portable and made from FDA-approved food grade silicone. What’s not to love? Presented as a set of two in a gorgeous gift-box, stemm is the perfect gift for absolutely everyone.

Chiba: Melon and Blush
Kampala: Black and Sand

  • Unbreakable wine glasses
  • Set of two as shown
  • 250ml | 12oz each
  • Unbreakable wine glasses
  • Portable | Lightweight
  • Odourless | Flavourless
  • Dishwasher safe
  • FDA approved food-grade silicone
  • Safe for use from -20 to +110 degrees centigrade

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