Nice Digs

Nice Digs Dog Harness Memphis Tan


Our non-pull harness is designed with the enthusiastic pup in mind, featuring a front clip that will encourage them to pull less on the leash. 

Connect your leash on the front O ring to gently and effectively teach your dog to walk at your side. This easy-wearing style provides excellent control without any discomfort.

Designed to be quick and easy, our step-in harnesses are handcrafted using hand-painted vegetable-tanned leather & light-weight yet sturdy metal hardware. 

  • Front O ring for effective and gentle non-pull training
  • Back D ring connection for flexible use
  • One buckle, easy step-in design
  • Adjustable slide tabs to give a perfect customized fit

Size: To size your pup, simply measure their chest girth. This is the circumference around the largest part of their ribcage and around their back.

  • XS Chest Size 30 - 40cm, Width 1.5cm (12" - 15 3/4", Width 5/8")
  • S Chest Size 35 - 50cm, Width 1.5cm     (13 3/4" - 19 3/4", Width 5/8")  
  • M Chest Size 45 - 70cm,  Width 2cm    (17 3/4" - 27 1/2", Width 3/4")
  • L Chest Size 65 - 100cm,  Width 2cm   (25 1/2" - 39", Width 3/4")

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